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Fuel Delivery

Payment Options to Suit Your Needs and Save You Money

Switch from Will-Call to Balanced Payment Plan and get an end-of-season discount of 12¢ per gallon!

Balanced Payments ~ No Fee
Spread heating costs over the year (July through June) and receive a discount at the end of the season. Include service plans and spread that cost over the year as well.


Pre-Payment ~ No Fee
Your estimated annual usage will be divided by three, and you will receive a discount off regular price.
CAP Program ~ Fee
Pay a one-time fee per season to ensure protection against inflated prices. You will pay the lower of current market price or CAP price, whichever is lower.
30/10 Payments ~ No Fee
Take up to thirty days to pay with approved credit. Or pay within 10 days of delivery and automatically receive a discount.

Financing available! Many Options To Choose From.
We’re a Full Service Provider
All Brands, Makes & Models