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Sink Repair in South Jersey

The sinks installed throughout your Medford home play a big part in your day, providing clean water for cleaning, hygiene, drinking, and more. This means a leaking or damaged sink can be quite the inconvenience. And even worse, it can lead to monstrous water bills! When you need sink repair, you want to connect with a reliable, honest plumbing contractor. That’s us.

Harriett’s Energy Solutions is a comprehensive local plumbing company serving Medford and Burlington County with nearly a century of experience. Whether you’re dealing with an annoying little sink leak, or a damaged sink that’s absolutely pouring water into your home, we have the skills and drive necessary to provide fast, efficient repairs.

Call 609-451-0914 or contact Harriett’s Energy Solutions online to schedule sink repair now! 

Sink Repair Services in Medford, NJ

Our local Medford plumbing contractors are licensed, certified, and insured. That means when you need plumbing services, there’s only one name you need to know! From small sink leaks, to complete sink replacement and sink repair, our team is more than glad to be able to help with all of your sink service needs.

Contact our team for sink repair if you notice:

  • Drops in water pressure from your sink
  • Clogged sink drain lines
  • A leaking kitchen sink or bathroom sink
  • Strange odors coming from your sink
  • Leaking underneath the faucet
  • Or anything else!

Our local Medford-area plumbers are ready to help. Just call or schedule sink repair online! 

How Can I Tell If My Sink Is Leaking?

One of the big troubles with leaking sinks is that sometimes the leak is internal, or located in areas that aren’t easily visible or accessed. This means that you can have leaks for days, even weeks before you notice them! But if you know what to look for, you can spot even the stealthiest plumbing leak. Keep watch for these signs:

  • Increases in your water bill – For the most part water bills tend to remain fairly steady. This means you can use your bill to watch out for a leaking sink or other plumbing problems. Higher bill? You might need plumbing repairs!
  • Dark patches in cabinets or along walls – Discoloration, dark patches, or structural weakness in your walls, ceilings, or the cabinets that house your sink’s pipes can all indicate a leaking sink.
  • Unusual, persistent mold growth – Mold spores are present in everyday air, and they’re just looking for an excuse to germinate. Mold thrives in damp areas, meaning the area around a sink leak is prime real estate.
  • Repetitive dripping noises – Leaking sinks aren’t loud, but they are persistent. Keep an ear out for the steady drip of a leaking sink to head off problems before they get bigger.

Choose Harriett’s Energy Solutions for Sink Repair in Medford & Burlington County, NJ

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions’ plumbing division, we care about providing our customers with value, precision, and superior customer service. We want you to have a great experience every time you reach out to us, and we want to ensure your home’s plumbing systems are in top condition and running reliably.

Contact our team on the web to schedule plumbing services, or feel free to call 609-451-0914 for “sink repair near me” in Medford!

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