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Sewer Repair in Medford, NJ

Sewer line problems can not only be inconvenient and messy, but they can also cause significant damage to a home if the wastewater backs up and starts flowing out of the drain system. While many times, the sewer line can simply have a serious clog that needs to be removed with a drain augur, other times, there may be serious pipe damage or other problems that require a more intensive repair.

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we offer a variety of plumbing services, including sewer repair, maintenance and replacement. We have been serving the Medford and South Jersey area since 1929, providing heating, cooling, plumbing, air quality, home energy and fuel delivery services.

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Symptoms of Sewer Line Clogs in the Medford Area

Before wastewater backs up and comes out of the sewer cleanout or tub drains, there may be symptoms of an imminent sewer problem, including:

  • Drains that are slow or clog frequently, especially on the lower level of your home
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds when a drain is used
  • Moisture or standing water near exterior sewer lines
  • Changes in plant growth or health near the sewer line

If you notice any of these problems, contact our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions for a sewer line inspection or cleaning. We have specialized equipment, such as video camera inspection systems and commercial-grade augers, that can help us determine the cause of the problem and remove or repair it effectively.

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Common Sewer Line Problems in South Jersey

Sewer lines depend on gravity to operate, with lengths of pipe orientated on a slight decline away from the home. Any blockage or restriction in the main sewer line can slow the flow of waste, giving it a greater chance to accumulate and create a clog. Some common sources of sewer line clogs include:

  • Accumulations of grease, oil, paper and hair from household drains
  • Accidentally flushed items like moist wipes, hygiene products, keys or toys
  • Tree root growth in the sewer line
  • Broken clay or corroded iron pipes that have collapsed or are misaligned
  • Damaged pipes due to foundation or soil settling, or improper installation

On their own, drain accumulations, flushed objects or tree root growth can typically be removed with an augur, at least temporarily. If the pipes are damaged, or frequent auguring is required, the best option may be sewer repair or replacement. At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we can inspect your sewer line and offer the best repair solutions for your needs and your budget.

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Medford Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

If sewer cleaning or auguring will not correct your problem, there are several repair options available, depending on the situation:

  • Sewer pipe lining: A flexible lining is inserted into the original pipe and expanded, forming a new pipe without excavation.
  • Sewer repair: Individual pipe sections or fittings are excavated and replaced, as needed.
  • Sewer replacement: The entire sewer line is removed and replaced, including exterior and interior portions.

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we can handle all your sewer line repairs, and we will offer reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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Whether you have a minor sewer clog, or need the entire pipe replaced, our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions can help. Trust us for all your HVAC, plumbing and fuel service needs!

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