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Sewer Service in Medford, NJ

Few problems that can happen in a home are worse than a sewage leak. Sewage leaks are more than just unpleasant; they can cause serious property damage as well as health problems. When a sewage leak occurs, it is important that the leak is properly repaired and remediation steps are taken to make certain that both the home and property are safe.

Do you need sewer service and repair in South Jersey? Never ask “Where can I find plumbers near me?” again! If you need help treating a sewage leak in the Medford area, Harriett’s Energy Solutions is the only name you need to know. Contact us now!

Common Sewer Problems

In most cases, sewage problems occur between the house and city’s sewage lines, or the homeowner’s septic tank or drain field. While leaks outside of the home usually are not an immediate health hazard, they do need to be repaired before the damage becomes worse.

In addition to potential property damage, sewage leaks that are not promptly repaired could result in fines from the city or county government, as the untreated sewage is leaking into the ground. Leaking sewage is often due to a clog or broken sewer component, and will not go away on its own. In fact, exterior leaks can even result in sewage backing up into the home.

Sewer Repairs in South Jersey

Large exterior leaks may need to be cleaned up using sewage-pumping equipment typically used to clean septic tanks. Many small exterior leaks require no action, as the small amount of sewage released into the ground is inconsequential. However, because small leaks drain unnoticed into the surrounding soil, many people are tempted to not have it repaired. This is a mistake, as roots from nearby trees and other plants grow through the broken area of the line. Once the roots are in the line, they will cause further damage to the line and stop the flow of sewage.

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we have the equipment, training, and experience needed to stop any further damage from a sewage leak and prevent it from happening again. If you need our services, call us now at 609-451-0914!

Risks of Putting Off Or Avoiding Sewer Service

When there is a sewer emergency that is leaking inside the home, it is imperative that the household stop using the system. Further use will only result in more sewage inside the home, increasing the costs of cleanup, the amount of damage to the home, and the likelihood of contaminating the home with mold and germs. Sewage leaking into the home requires immediate repair and remediation. Sewage needs to be carefully removed from the home and all surfaces touched by the sewage cleaned with bleach or another germ-killing cleanser. Areas exposed to sewage also must be thoroughly dried after cleaning to prevent mold from growing and wood from rotting.

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While sewage leaks are a serious problem, the good news is that most of them can be avoided. Regular service and inspection from sewer repair service in Medford will keep the sewage moving freely through the lines. Minor problems such as small clogs and cracks in the lines can be identified and corrected before they become worse. Whether your sewage system needs inspected, cleaned, or repaired, it is important for you to have a trained professional attend to the system and make certain it is kept in proper working order.

Whether you need your sewer line maintained, repaired, or replaced, Harriett’s Energy Solutions is the company to call in the South Jersey area. Contact us online or call us at 609-451-0914!

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