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Fuel Tank Removal & Replacement in Riverton, NJ

Oil Tank Services in South Jersey

For many years, home heating oil was one of the most reliable and economical ways to heat a home, especially in remote locations. Forced air furnacesboilers, and other appliances could be operated on heating oil, which was stored in a large tank and refilled periodically by a fuel delivery service.

Today, many people have switched to natural gas, which requires no on-site storage or propane, because it is both cleaner-burning—reducing appliance maintenance costs—and tends to cost less than oil. In both cases, after changing fuels, the old heating oil tank is typically removed.

To properly dispose of a fuel tank, there are specific procedures and regulations that must be followed—especially for underground oil tanks in Medford, NJ and the surrounding areas. At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we have been helping our customers change from home heating oil to natural gas for over 40 years, and we are highly experienced with fuel tank removal procedures.

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Why Should I Remove My Fuel Tank?

After switching to natural gas or propane, it is always a good idea to schedule fuel tank removal in Medford or the surrounding South Jersey areas. Depending on the area and local requirements, the tank may either be in the basement, underground, or above ground. In many cases, older tanks are subject to damage and corrosion, and they may pose environmental hazards if left in place. Here are a few reasons to consider removing the old fuel tank:

  • Even empty tanks may contain fuel residue and sludge
  • When not used, condensation can accumulate, causing leaks
  • Older tanks were prone to corrosion and leaks
  • Empty tanks occupy significant space

Even if you are not ready to switch to natural gas, you might be interested in having your oil tank checked because you might need an oil tank replacement at your Mount Laurel, NJ home. Removing your fuel tank now will eliminate many of these problems, and our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions can do it quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Oil Tank Replacement in Mount Laurel, NJ & Surrounding Areas

For those who still rely on home heating oil, the condition of your tank is important not only to the environment, but also to the operation of your heating system. Tanks that are corroded or leaking may allow the fuel to become contaminated, damaging appliances, and leaks can contaminate water or soil. Any tanks over 10 to 15 years old are probably due for a fuel tank replacement in the Riverton, NJ or surrounding areas. Today’s modern tanks are made with more durable materials and modern methods that make them resistant to leaks, longer-lasting, and safer.

If you are considering replacing your fuel tank in Riverton, NJ or the surrounding areas, contact our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions today.

Oil Tank Removal in South Jersey

After you have switched to an alternative fuel like natural gas or propane, the removal of the old heating oil tank requires more than simply disposing of the old tank. The methods will vary depending on the location of the tank, but the typical steps include:

  • Transferring oil and sludge to a temporary tank
  • Excavation to access the tank
  • Purging and removing fuel lines and pipes
  • Cutting the tank into sections and cleaning and removing them
  • Sealing holes left by pipes or fuel lines

Other steps may be required, depending on the specific installation.

To learn more about fuel tank removal or replacement in Riverton, NJ, talk to our team today!

Call Harriett’s Energy Solutions for Fuel Tank Removal & Replacement in South Jersey

With over 40 years of experience in fuel tank removal and replacement services, we offer the qualifications and experience you need to have the job done correctly and efficiently. Harriett’s Energy Solutions is committed to helping you keep your home safe and warm! We can help you get started with renewable energy like biodiesel fuel or switch to natural gas. We can also help you locate your underground oil tanks in Medford, NJ or the surrounding areas. We only offer quality services and we can make your heating services easy with on-call delivery or automatic delivery whenever your tank is low.

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