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Take the whole house approach!

As a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Gold Star contractor, Harriett’s Energy Solutions will address your heating and cooling issues from the top to the bottom. Stop heating the outdoors by allowing us to tighten up the leakiness of your home, control the moisture infiltrating, and add additional insulation.

The most energy efficient equipment could be operating at less than its full potential if your house isn’t also doing its part to contain your conditioned air. We offer an extensive home energy audit which includes air infiltration measurements, infrared camera observations, and combustion appliance testing as well as recommended home upgrades. Harriett’s Energy Solutions will improve the quality of your home with a full weatherization package that addresses moisture infiltration from below, air leakage from above, and the minimal R value of your existing insulation.

Harriett’s has been serving the community for over 80 years, and now with our weatherization services, we are able to treat your home as a whole system. Don’t allow the leakiness of your home to whisk away your savings. While following BPI standards, we will treat your house from the top to the bottom and allow your heating and cooling systems to operate to their full potential.

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