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Water Conditioning & Testing in South Jersey

From installing drinking water systems to whole-house water treatment systems and everything in between, Harriett’s Energy Solutions has what you need for water conditioning. Ensure that your South Jersey home’s water is clean and safe to use and drink by getting a free water evaluation today.

To schedule your free water evaluation, call 609-451-0914 or contact Harriett’s Energy Solutions online.

When Should You Get Your Water Tested?

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Stained fixtures
  • Dull or stiff laundry resulting in shorter fabric life
  • Excessive use of detergents or soap
  • Buildup in your plumbing
  • Blue/green staining
  • Pinhole leaks in water pipes
  • Strange odors

If so, an analysis of your household water may be necessary to find the home water treatment system (or systems) to solve your particular problem. Harriett’s Energy Solutions can test your water and give you a quote at no charge so you can have great-tasting water in your home today!

Call Harriett’s Energy Solution today at 609-451-0914 or fill out our online form to schedule your free water evaluation in Medford and the surrounding areas in South Jersey.

South Jersey Whole-House Water Treatment Systems

Don’t let hard water clog your pipes and make water heaters less effective and thus more expensive to operate.

Harriett’s Energy Solutions offers a wide array of systems for residential and light commercial applications, including:

  • Water softeners
  • Water filters
  • Acid neutralizers
  • Iron & sulfur filters
  • Salt-free systems

The water quality experts at Harriett’s Energy Solutions will personalize the system based upon your needs so your family can have clean, soft, drinkable water.

Call 609-451-0914 or contact us online to get your free water evaluation and ensure your home’s water is clean and drinkable!

Drinking Water Treatment Systems in the Medford, NJ Area

You can have clean, refreshing drinking water flowing throughout your entire home for under 25 cents per day, and you’ll no longer need to rely on bottle deliveries or a single source for water dispensing. Plus, delivered bottled water costs more than $1.25 per day. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the most effective ways to protect residential drinking water. RO systems utilize a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities as small as an atom in your water. In addition, your water will pass through a series of sediment and carbon filters, eliminating any unwanted taste and odor.

Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

UV systems destroy unwanted microorganisms by exposing them to ultraviolet light. Since they disinfect water rather than removing contaminants, UV systems are typically installed with other types of water treatment systems.

If you are unsure about the safety of the water in your South Jersey home, give us a call, we offer FREE water testing. Call 609-451-0914 to get started!

Schedule Water Testing & Conditioning in South Jersey

Don’t go another day wondering whether your home has clean and drinkable water. Our family-run business is proud to offer homeowners in South Jersey professional water conditioning services, including testing and water treatment system installations.

Fill out our online form or call 609-451-0914 to get started with your free water evaluation! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Conditioning

Is it safe to drink softened water?

Softened water is absolutely safe to drink. The only thing that is removed is calcium and magnesium. However, because sodium is used to soften the water, you will want to avoid using it to prepare baby formula.

Do you need to replace the softener resin?

If you notice the water isn’t becoming soft enough, it could be because you are using the wrong salt. Sometimes, the softener resin needs replacement, but this usually is only required every 20 or so years.

Do I need to clean the brine tank?

Unless the salt you use is high in water-insoluble material, it’s unnecessary to clean the brine tank.

Will the discharge damage a septic system?

The discharge of softened water into your septic tank will not damage the system. In some cases, it may actually help clear detergents and other chemicals.

Is it expensive to operate a water softening system?

Not at all. In most cases, it will cost you no more than a few dollars per person each month. It is a low price to pay for fresh, clean water that won’t cause scale buildup in your appliances or bathroom fixtures.

What types of salt can I use in my water softener?

Most systems allow you to use rock, evaporated, or solar salt. Before introducing salt to the system, you will always want to confirm this with your specific water conditioning system manual.

Do you have more questions about water softening in Medford, NJ? Contact the team at Harriett’s by calling (609) 451-0914, and we’ll be happy to give you the answers you need.

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