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Things to ponder this spring & summer

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Are you counting on your central air conditioning system to keep your family comfortable this summer? If you want to make sure it doesn’t let you down when you need it most, Harriett’s suggests an annual cleaning with filter replacement.

If you’re in the market for new cooling equipment, we have the specialists who can help you get the most bang out of your buck. Or perhaps you have that one room that is farthest from your HVAC equipment and is never comfortable enough to use the way you had planned. Consider a ductless mini-split system that can fill in those comfort gaps in your home.


With all the rain we’ve had over the last several months, wet basements are a headache that’s all too real for many of us. Let Harriett’s Plumbing team install a new sump pump available with battery back-up to take excess water out of your basement. They can even install a monitor that can send a text message to your smartphone, if it detects a leak, perhaps from your washer or water heater. That message can alert you that something needs attention quickly and can save you a major unplanned expense.


This is storm season! If there’s a power outage, how much would you be inconvenienced?  Harriett’s can install a whole house generator that will come on automatically when your electric service is interrupted.


Harriett’s also has a full-service plumbing department and water conditioning team. We’re dedicated to keeping your home comfortable.

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