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Payment Plans

Fuel Delivery ~

Payment Options to Suit Your Needs and Save You Money

  • Balanced Payment Plan ~ No Fee *Our Most Popular Plan!
    • Switch to our Balanced Payment Plan (BPP) and get an end -of -season discount of $.08 off on your total gallons delivered!
    • Set up as an Auto Pay by EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your checking account or by credit card monthly, deducted either the 10th or the 20th of a month, your choice.
      • Spreads your heating costs out from July-June.
      • Include any service plans in your monthly Balanced Payment Plan!
      • Additional $.02/gallon for seniors (65+) (Proof upon request.)
      • Additional $.02 gallon EMS, Fire Fighter, Military (Proof upon request).
  • Get a discount every time! Pay as you go
    • Set up Auto Pay by EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your checking account or by credit card.
      • $.05/gallon prompt pay discount if pay within 10 days.
      • Additional $.05/gallon for seniors (65+) (Proof upon request.)
      • Additional $.05 gallon EMS/Fire Fighter, Military (Proof upon request).
  • CAP Program ~ Fee
    • Ensure protection against inflated prices. Pay a one-time fee and pay the lower of the current price or CAP price, whichever is lower.
      • Additional discounts similar to BPP.
  • 30 days credit/10 Day Discount Period Program:
    • Take up to 30 days to pay or pay within 10 days of delivery and automatically receive a discount of $.05 a gallon with approved credit.
      • Additional discounts similar to BPP.

If cost is making it difficult to handle your home repairs, Harriett’s Energy Solutions can help. Call 609-451-0914 or contact us online to discuss our financing options.

Reduce Your HVAC and Plumbing Expenses with Maintenance Service Agreements

In addition to our payment plans, we offer service agreements that can help you save money on your plumbing expenses. You can have annual maintenance, priority repair service, and much more for one affordable monthly cost. By keeping your systems well-maintained, you can extend their life spans and reduce the risk of costly repair calls, which means less of a need for our financing and payment plans. We have service agreements for most of our home services, including HVAC and plumbing systems, so you can take control over your home’s comfort systems.

Reach out to Harriett’s Energy Solutions to learn more about our maintenance service agreements and how they can help you save money.

Harriett’s Energy Solutions Makes HVAC and Plumbing Service More Affordable

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we believe in helping you keep your home safe and comfortable. We also understand that these costs can be difficult, and our Balanced Payment Plan helps overcome this challenge. With our assistance, you can afford the services you need to keep your home comfortable and safe.

The Balanced Payment Plan makes HVAC and plumbing services affordable. Reach out to learn more about your financing options with Harriett’s Energy Solutions.

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