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Boiler Service in South Jersey

Although forced air heating is more common today, boilers are still popular for many reasons, including their long-term reliability, even heating and their ability to heat your home without drying the air, as furnaces tend to.

To keep a boiler running efficiently and safely, regular maintenance is required and eventually, through age or failure, major repairs or replacement will become necessary. At Harriett’s Energy Solutions our home heating professionals can help you with all of your boiler service needs, from routine maintenance to major repairs, replacements and new installations.

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Boiler Repairs in the Medford Area

With regular maintenance, boilers can often last 15 to 20 years, or even much longer. Chances are, however, that some minor repairs will be needed over the life of the system, along with routine inspections, cleaning and maintenance. Some common problems that boilers can develop include:

  • Uneven temperatures or heating at the radiators
  • Noisy boiler or pipes
  • Boiler shuts off
  • Water leaks
  • Loss of pressure
  • Pilot will not stay lit

In many cases the problem can be minor, such as air or limescale in the system causing inadequate heating at the radiators, strange noises or even a system shutdown. Air can often be purged by bleeding the radiators, but removal of limescale or rust may require a system flush. Other problems, such as loss of pressure or leaks may be more serious and caused by plumbing problems, corrosion or other issues. A pilot light that goes out regularly can often be due to a damaged thermocouple or burner problems.

Most repairs on boilers require a trained professional, and at Harriett’s Energy Solutions, our team of heating and plumbing experts can handle all of your boiler repairs promptly and efficiently. Contact us today for an appointment!

Boiler Installation and Replacement in South Jersey

As the repair costs for an older boiler begin to accumulate, it may make more sense financially to replace it instead of continuing repairs. By installing a new, modern system, you can enjoy increased energy efficiency, reduced utility bills, fewer maintenance costs and technological advances that improve home comfort. The common reasons for replacing a boiler include:

  • Age: The boiler is over 15 years old or past its expected lifespan
  • Inefficiency: Current system is significant less efficient than new models
  • Repair Frequency: Excessive repairs are required, increasing costs
  • Major Problems: Serious leaks, corrosion or failure of major components

When you are ready to replace your boiler, our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions can handle all your boiler installation and replacement needs, from installing complete systems in new buildings to replacing an existing system. Contact us today for more information!

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

A boiler that is poorly maintained can be inefficient, increasing your utility costs, or can even cause safety issues, such as carbon monoxide poisoning from dirty or poorly-adjusted burners. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning the burners, removing sediment, bleeding the radiators and cleaning the flue can prevent problems in the future and extend the life of your system.

Routine maintenance should be performed at least annually. Contact us today to schedule your boiler maintenance appointment!

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At Harriett’s Energy solutions we offer a full range of boiler services, from maintenance and repairs to installations or replacements. We pride ourselves on quality and offer unparalleled value to our customers.

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