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Underground Tank Location Services in Moorestown, NJ

Home heating oil has been one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to provide heat in the Medford area for years, and it is not uncommon to find an abandoned fuel tank on a property, even if it was long ago converted to natural gas or another fuel. If you want to know where the tank is, you can have an underground tank probe done at your Riverside home for peace of mind.

If an old tank was properly decommissioned, it is usually not a problem, but if the tank has any fuel residue at all, it could potentially contaminate the soil or groundwater. Not only is this bad for the environment, but the cleanup could also be quite costly. Finding and removing old fuel tanks before they leak is often the best solution, especially if you are selling or buying a property that may contain an abandoned tank.

For underground tank location services in Mount Laurel, NJ, contact Harriett’s Energy Solutions or call 609-451-0914 today. 

Finding an Underground Tank

In some cases, locating an underground tank may be relatively simple, such as when fill or vent pipes are exposed. In other cases, the tank may be completely hidden from view. If you need help to locate an underground tank, you can count on our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions. We have the experience and equipment to find old, leaking, or abandoned fuel tanks, and we also offer complete tank removal and replacement services. When you’re wondering where the tank is, we can come by and do an underground tank probe in Riverside or the surrounding areas. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout the Medford and South Jersey area, providing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, fuel delivery services, and more.

Need help finding your underground fuel tanks in Moorestown and the surrounding areas? For professional underground tank location, call Harriett’s Energy Solutions today at 609-451-0914 or contact us online.

What Are the Signs of an Underground Tank in Moorestown, NJ?

In the past, the locations of underground tanks and the decommissioning of older tanks may not have been documented thoroughly, especially residential tanks that are not subject to the same regulations as commercial tanks. If a property in Medford has an underground fuel tank, however, there are often clues, such as:

  • Above-grade fill pipes or vent pipes
  • Old fuel supply and return lines entering the building
  • Fuel lines coming through the basement wall or floor
  • Patched concrete where fuel lines used to be
  • Soil depressions or hills over the tank
  • Sinkholes over a collapsed tank
  • Fuel odors or visible fuel leaks

If you suspect you have an underground fuel tank, call our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions. We can locate the fuel tank and determine if it has been properly abandoned or if it poses a threat of leaks and contamination.

Contact us or call 609-451-0914 for help finding a buried tank in or near Medford, New Jersey! 

Our Underground Tank Location Services in South Jersey

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we have several methods that we can use to locate underground tanks, such as:

  • Physical evidence – Our experts can inspect your property for signs of a buried tank, such as fill pipes, fuel lines, or soil depressions.
  • Magnetic detection – A metal detector can often be used to find buried steel tanks or fuel lines that are near the surface.
  • Electromagnetic detection – When the old fuel lines are accessible, a radio signal can be passed through the lines and a receiver can be used to trace the location of the tank.

Once we verify the location, our experts can remove or replace the fuel tank, if desired, using the appropriate methods to prevent contamination.

For tank removal or replacement services in Medford, contact us or call 609-451-0914.

Schedule Underground Tank Location Services in Medford

Whether you are buying a property, selling one, or needing to replace an older tank, you can trust Harriett’s Energy Solutions to help find and remove your underground fuel tank properly and professionally.

Contact us today at 609-451-0914 for underground tank location services in Medford or South Jersey!

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