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What do I do if the Oil Burner fails to operate?

Check the following:

1) Be sure that the oil burner switch is ON.
2) The thermostat should be set above room temperature.
3) Make sure there is oil in the tank.
4) If the burner does not run at all, check for a blown or loose fuse.

If the burner still fails to operate, call us for service.

How energy efficient is it to heat my home with oil?

Very Efficient! The average oil heat system consumes less fuel than gas, and oil burners produce the most efficient flame when compared to gas systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, oil heat systems are 16% more efficient than gas heat systems and 30% more efficient than electric heating systems.

Will oil heat keep my home warm enough?

Absolutely! The oil heat flame quickly burns at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason oil consumers are much more comfortable in their homes versus those who complain that their electric heat pump does not provide the comfortable warmth of oil during those cold days of winter.

Can I get my heat to come on faster if I turn the thermostat up higher?

No. It takes time for your heat to come on. Once the thermostat has switched on, it doesn’t matter if you put it up one degree or all the way. Set it to the desired temperature and wait a few minutes.

Can I tap on my oil tank to see if it is full?

No. Your oil tank will sound hollow even if it is full. If you think your gauge is not working or you do not have a gauge, you can use an oil tank measuring stick to measure the level of oil in your tank.

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

Approximately every 2 years. If you have recently completed a renovation, have incurred major water damage or have mold issues you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned sooner than the 2 year window. Also people with asthma, allergies, pets or who have smokers in their homes should consider having their ducts cleaned more frequently.

What areas do you service?

In Burlington County we service: Arney’s Mount, Beverly, Bordentown, Browns Mills, Burlington City, Burlington Township, Chesterfield, Cinnaminson, Columbus, Cookstown, Delanco, Delran, Eastampton, Florence, Fort Dix, Juliustown, Hainesport, Indian Mills, Lumberton, Maple Shade, Marlton/Evesham, Medford, Medford Lakes, Moorestown, Mt. Holly, Mt. Laurel, Palmyra, Pemberton, Riverton, Roebling, Shamong, Southampton, Springfield, Sykesville, Tabernacle, Vincentown, Willingboro, Westampton and Wrightsville.

In Camden County we service: Atco, Berlin, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Gibbsboro, Haddon Township/Heights, Haddonfield, Merchantville, Pennsauken, Voorhees and Waterford.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We have several options available for financing. Check out our financing page for more information. Or call us at 609-654-5739 ext. 214 and speak with Selena about financing options.

How quickly we can get there?

Providing the highest level of customer service is important to us. Superior response has been a trademark of Harriett’s. For emergency situations we are there when you need us. There is a 48-hour response time for non-emergency calls unless otherwise communicated. Service Plan holders receive priority response.

Do you install gas systems?

Harriett’s Energy Solutions has been installing & serving natural gas heating & hot water systems for over 35 years. We service all makes & models and install multiple top brand names. We are a preferred contractor by the utility companies within our service area.

What is our service area?

HES serves all of Burlington County and portions of Camden & Ocean Counties.

Do you install air conditioning?

Yes we do. We service all makes & models. We recommend and install the following brands: Bryant, Rheem, Amana and Mitsubishi. For more information please check out our products page, email us at info@HarriettsES.com or call us at 609-451-0914609-451-0914 or 856-235-0300.

Why am I using so much oil?

There can be many reasons for higher than expected usage. Feel free to call us for an assessment of your situation. Looking for opportunities to save significantly on your energy bill? Harriett’s can determine what these opportunities would be by performing a home energy audit. Just check out the energy conservation section of our website or give us a call at 609-451-0914609-451-0914 or 856-235-0300.

Should I convert to another heat source?

There are alternative methods for heating. Harriett’s Energy Solutions can provide you with facts, options and expertise. If your home seems to be losing money each month, arrange for a home energy audit to be performed with us. For information check out the energy conservation section of our website or give us a call at 609-451-0914609-451-0914 or 856-235-0300.

Do I need to be home when you do the preventive maintenance (either heating or A/C)?


We often provide service for our customers without them being on-site. Because of the peace of mind you can have with a company in business for over 86 years that has the reputation we do, it is there for you as an option should you decide on it. Harriett’s has the highest standards!

How much water does a small leak waste?

Even a drip from a faucet or toilet could waste over 1,000 gallons per year. A stream as small as 1/16 of an inch can waste up to 74,000 gallons in 3 months!

I don’t know how old my water heater is, when should I replace it?

If you need to ask, it is time! As a general rule, use twice the manufacturer’s warranty as a guide. So, a 6 year tank warranty heater should be good for 12 years. Many factors affect this estimate so have your water heater inspected yearly. Plan to replace the sacrificial anode in your water heater to get the longest life possible from your equipment – every 5 years is the approximate useful life of the anode. When it is completely eroded away (used up), the risk of leaking increases as time goes by.

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