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Ductwork Service in South Jersey

Providing Duct Sealing & Insulation in Camden & Burlington Counties

As part of a complete HVAC system, air ducts have the crucial job of delivering heated or cooled air to each room of a home. Though their role is minimal, air ducts can have a significant effect on the overall performance and efficiency of the system. Problems like missing duct insulation, duct leaks, or excessive accumulations of dust and other particles can reduce heating and cooling efficiency dramatically. In many homes, as much as 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling is wasted due to problems with the duct system.

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, we can help homeowners in the Burlington and Camden County areas improve their comfort, energy-efficiency, and indoor air quality with our complete selection of duct services, including sealing and insulation. Since 1929, our family-owned company has been providing quality heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to customers throughout southern New Jersey, and we feature certified, knowledgeable professionals that are completely dedicated to your total home comfort.

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Duct Sealing

Older homes often have leaks in the duct system, allowing heated or cooled air to escape into undesired areas. This forces the HVAC system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, increasing your energy usage and utility costs. Duct leaks can also allow particles like dust, pollen, and mold spores to enter the air ducts, reducing your indoor air quality.

At Harriett’s Energy Solutions, our duct sealing services can help you to reduce your energy usage and improve your indoor air quality. Our experts can seal all types of air ducts, including sheet metal, fiberglass, and flexible ducts, and we can recommend solutions that will improve your overall comfort. The sealing process typically includes:

  • A full system inspection, checking for loose joints, damage, or disconnected sections
  • Supporting loose air ducts with straps, as required
  • Securing loose joints with sheet metal screws, clamps, or other fasteners
  • Repairing duct damage or removing bends and kinks from flexible ducts
  • Sealing joints, seams, and fittings with mastic or metal tape, as needed
  • Starting the HVAC system and evaluating its performance

By properly sealing and insulating your air ducts, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent.

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Duct Insulation

If your air ducts pass through unconditioned spaces, such as attics, basements, or crawlspaces, they should be properly insulated to minimize heat loss or heat gain. Unfortunately, many older homes lack duct insulation, and over time, insulation can degrade, causing it to become ineffective.

If your home has missing or damaged duct insulation, our team at Harriett’s Energy Solutions can help. We offer complete duct insulation services, and our process includes:

  • Inspecting the air ducts
  • Removing damaged insulation
  • Sealing any duct leaks
  • Cutting the insulation to size
  • Wrapping the air ducts
  • Securing the insulation with staples
  • Sealing the seams with foil tape

We offer several types of duct insulation, and we will choose the best product for your needs and budget.

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