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SOS to Harriett’s

On a recent Sunday, Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge discovered a plumbing leak, and Howard was dispatched on this emergency. Jeanne, the Executive Director, refers to Howard as a “rock star” who worked very hard to find and correct this leak and wished us to extend her heartfelt thanks for his diligence.

Additionally, Harriett’s and Oil Heat Cares worked together to install a new Granby oil tank. Then, SJ Gas & Harriett’s collaborated to supply a 96% efficiency gas furnace.

Now those baby animals are toasty warm, and so are the workers!

And Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge posted the nicest testimonial on their Facebook page:

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Many THANKS to our Friends Zack, Roger and the rest of the staff at Harriett’s Energy Solutions. They are replacing our older tank with a newer and safer one supplied through a grant through Oil Heat Cares.

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