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Let us help you with Oil Heat!

We want all realtors to know we understand the many different questions realtors are faced with from your clients about oil heat.

We respect how hard you work to support your clients and how you always have their best interests at heart, as Harriett’s has done with our customers for the past 90 years.

Facts Realtors should know about oil heat:

  • Approximately seven million homes in the U.S. heat with oil.
  • Oil heat systems’ efficiency can now reach 95%.
  • We are an HVAC contractor, Plumbing contractor and water conditioning contractor.
  • Oil heat burns cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Family-owned oil businesses like Harriett’s are easier to deal with; faster, friendlier, and more personalized service!
  • Most oil tanks do not leak and have a life span of 30 years (based on conditions).
  • We install new aboveground tanks that are backed by manufactures with 25-year warranties that require little to no maintenance (no painting required).
  • We only use a Licensed / Experienced Environmental contractor Meridian Environmental to remove our customers’ and other existing underground tanks.
  • We can scan a property if it is not known whether there is an old underground tank on the site.
  • We can show you & your client the benefits of using the O.P.R.A. (Open Public Records Act) Files.
  • Oil heat does not explode!!
  • More than 70% of the oil we use in the U.S. comes from the U.S.
  • Most “full service” oil dealers offer monthly payment plans with discounts.
  • Full-service dealers offer 24-7 service 365 days a year.
  • Harriett’s partners with you. If we have information about a property we’ll share it with you.

“We Go A Long Way To Make Warm Friends”!

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