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Benefits of Heating Oil

Green energy has become a global buzz term. It separates you from the grid while reducing your carbon emissions and clearing your conscience. It can even shrink your energy bills, but which option is best for your home? Propane is a clean-burning fuel, but heating oil is more efficient. Natural gas is budget-friendly, but propane is eco-friendly. Each fuel has its combination of benefits and drawbacks, but heating oil rises to the top of the pile. It’s more efficient than most alternatives and burns clean without generating greenhouse gases. Let’s take a closer look at this underrated fuel.

It’s Safe

Heating oil doesn’t explode like natural gas. It needs to reach a burning point of 140 degrees before it vaporizes. That quality reduces its noxious fume risks, so energy experts celebrate it as the safest fuel on the market today. Every time you blend volatile gases like butane and propane, you create a reaction that’s hard to control. Oil can’t burn in its liquid state and is surprisingly leak-resistant when stored in tanks. It vaporizes before it turns flammable, making fires a relatively low risk. Oil is also less likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning, so if you choose your fuel by its safety features alone, heating oil would be your best bet.

It’s Comfortable

Heating oil was initially formulated for furnaces, so it’s surprisingly efficient for this purpose. It burns at 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit but can provide efficient combustion at far lower temperatures. While it can benefit from pre-heating, it burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas. This feature gives you a more powerful HVAC effect that will keep you comfortable on those long, chilly nights.

It’s Inexpensive

Fuel prices vary from state to state, but in general, oil offers a balanced price trajectory. It’s a fraction of the price of natural gas. By the unit, it’s more expensive than propane, but it offers one of the lowest costs per BTU on the market, and that’s what your pocket feels the most. Natural gas still wins the price race, but it’s possible to reduce your oil costs by buying when the market has hit a low point. Oil and gas prices are prone to sharp rises and falls, and you can leverage this to your advantage.

It’s Easy To Source

The United States gets its heating oil from two major sources — domestic refineries and imports from foreign countries. Its supplemental sources make it easy to find, even in the middle of winter when demand is at its peak. Natural gas might be used in 60% of American homes, but oil remains more widely available. If you have a rustic cottage in the middle of the woods, oil availability will serve you well. Since you can store it underground without worrying about the polluting effects of a leak, it’s easy to create stability for your fuel source.

Get Started by Contacting Harriett’s Energy Solutions

Heating oil is inexpensive, readily available, and remarkably energy-efficient. With Harriett’s Energy Solutions on your side, you can source cost-effective fuel throughout the year. Our automated software will even schedule your delivery before you run out without. That gives you a hands-free experience so that you can focus on more important things. If you’re a logistics manager, we offer on-site, GPS-dispatched deliveries on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you’re hunting for the lowest prices, our set CAP price will offer them. We deliver to a wide range of regions in and around South Jersey. Join the oil revolution today with Harriett’s. You can reach our team at 609-451-0914 .

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